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We may have to share your personal data with our data processors (subcontractors) in order to provide the service. We require all third parties to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with GDPR, and we only permit them to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

If your personal data is transferred outside of the EU/EEA, we guarantee an adequate measure of security by forwarding them to countries that have an appropriate level of protection based on confirmation by the European Commission, or by concluding an appropriately formulated contract between us and the legal person outside of the EU/EEA who receives the data.

The personal data may also be transferred to a third party in the event of a merger, demerger or a similar event.


ServiceInformationWhy we use itWhere data is storedPrivacy / data policy
HubspotEmailMarketingEU / (may send to USA )GDPR Information
Prospect Global Ltd (trading as Sopro)EmailMarketingGDPR Information
IntercomEmailWe use Intercom to onboard new users, send emails with tips and suggestions, get customer feedback and provide supportUSAGDPR Information

When you our website (www.equalitycheck.com)

ServiceInformationWhy we use itWhere data is storedPrivacy / data policy
Google AnalyticsPage visits, browser version, operating system, geolocation, durationWe use google analytics to analyse how users use our websiteEUGDPR Information

When you use our app (app.equalitycheck.com)

ServiceInformationWhy we use itWhere data is storedPrivacy / data policy
Auth0User informationWe use Auth0 to authenticate youEUGDPR Information
AWSService host and data storageWe use AWS to host our services and store our dataEUGDPR Information
PostmarkEmailWe use postmark to send you system emails such as user requests, login-codes and remindersUSAGDPR Information
TwilioMobile numberWe use twilio to send you one time passwords for logging into the applicationEUGDPR Information
MixpanelPage visit, link clicksWe use mixpanel to analyse the user behavior on our platformEUGDPR Information

We are already supporting

Plan International Norge
AF Gruppen
KPMG Norge

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