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ARP tool

The end-to-end reporting hub for ARP

The fastest and most effective way for employers to meet Norwegian reporting obligations related to workplace equality & diversity reporting (Aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikten, ARP).

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Supports every step of your reporting workflow

ARP demands comprehensive reporting on an area new to most organisations. Because it’s new, many teams lack a proven framework for an efficient reporting workflow, and are often unsure of what to prioritise or where to start. Compliance offers a ready-made framework, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Analyse, consult, create, and publish, all in one place

  • It’s been built to follow the “firestegsmodellen” framework, the reporting methodology recommended by LDO.

  • Streamline reporting efficiency with a single tool that supports every stage of the reporting workflow.

  • Save huge time on internal process management and understanding the reporting objectives and standards.

We’re trusted by some of Norway’s leading brands

Plan International Norge
AF Gruppen
KPMG Norge
Bank Norwegian

One platform for reporting teams

  • Understand and create your reporting taxonomy

  • Organise, collect and process data

  • Analyse, create & review

    • Purpose-built authoring tools

    • Automated data analysis is dynamically added to report

    • Help resources and best-practices

  • Publish & archive

    • Meet required documentation structure

    • High quality public report

Benefits & capabilities

Multimedia help resources

Unique, market-leading expertise comes as standard

  • Expert consulting at your fingertips. Leverage a range of help guides, FAQs and resources tailored for every stage.
  • Best practices and proven methodology let you be confident of meeting the reporting standards.

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Our expertise is always on hand

We’ve helped some of Norway’s biggest brands deliver best-in-class reports since ARP was introduced in 2020. Our team has hundreds of hours of experience consulting and auditing customer reports, as well as consulting with LDO. This expert insight is the foundation of the self-service help resources natively built into the solution.

Meet our ARP experts, Kristine and Joy-Loi

They understand that reporting on workplace equality and diversity is about more than just numbers being crunched in a spreadsheet. They will:

  • Help you get onboarded so you’re set up for success from the start.
  • Host regular virtual customer meetups to help you get the most from the solution and improve your reporting process.
  • Offer additonal consulting services on request.
Data management

Get started faster with structuring your data

It’s super simple to organise and structure your data.

  • Follow our proven methodology.
  • Map out your reporting taxonomy and understand how to srtucture your data (lønnskartlegging) with our digital tool.
  • Flexible salary options with simple or detailed reporting.

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Data upload and processing

Excel templates + automated analysis

Save hours on data collection and data processing.

  • Smart Excel templates guide you on what data needs to be included and faster data input.
  • Automated data analysis mean there’s no formulas or calculations to set up - the tool does it all for you.
  • Easy team collaboration - invite internal stakeholders to add the relevant data they have ownership of via the upload templates.
Authoring & publishing tools

Create and publish beautiful looking reports

Meet your board’s approval with powerful authoring and publishing features.

  • Dynamic report creation. Formatting is automatic, with data visualisations inserted into the report for you.
  • Your public report is correctly structured to follow LDO’s required document standard.
  • Predefined sections and risk factor category tagging help tailor your written statement.
  • Publish at the click of a button (digital & offline).

Your data & privacy are our top priority

Your data is secure

Sensitive data is protected using 256-bit encryption (SSL/TLS and AES), while employee data is fully anonymised, so no one else can view it but you.

Faster, safer login

Use two-factor authentication (2FA) with no pesky passwords to remember. Generate secure one-time codes for easy login.

GDPR compliant

All your data is stored on EU servers and is not shared with any third-parties.

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250 employees

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NOK 18,750


Streamline your company's annual ARP reporting process (Aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikten).

  • Guided step by step report generation: easily structure data & report content, automated analysis & presentation, one-click publication

  • Easy data input with payroll integrations & Excel upload

  • 1:1 video onboarding session with an ARP expert

  • Reuse report data in next year's reporting process

  • Premium content subscription with tips and updates on reporting best practices

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Frequently asked questions

Visit our resource page to learn more about ARP