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/ year

Interactive, engaging learning from anywhere. Support cultural change with DEI training for your whole team.

  • Gamified e-learning for mobile & web

  • Structured learning to develop awareness & key DEI competencies for all employees

  • Simple course management - invite any employee via email

  • Subscription based - new modules automatically added to your plan

  • Very low annual investment per employee

  • Onboarding packages available

  • Custom branding & detailed reporting options

  • Integration options for syncing learner data & user mangement



/ year

Streamline your company's annual ARP reporting process (Aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikten).

  • Guided step by step report generation: easily structure data & report content, automated analysis & presentation, one-click publication

  • Easy data input with payroll integrations & Excel upload

  • 1:1 video onboarding session with an ARP expert

  • Reuse report data in next year's reporting process

  • Premium content subscription with tips and updates on reporting best practices



/ year

Build your company strategy with data-driven performance tracking. Learn and improve.

  • Everything in Compliance

  • Track & measure structural biases in key areas like pay gaps, recruitment, career progression & more

  • In-depth analysis and reporting powered by purpose-built DE&I analytics engine

  • Reports dashboard with data visualisation make insights easy to understand and share with stakeholders

  • Move from insight to action with our evidence-based solutions database

  • DE&I support from our customer success team

  • Stay up to date with workplace DE&I with our Community hub -premium content with new research, tips and advice

  • Annual company audit from Equality Check

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