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Entering gender representation data into Equality Check.

Collect the right data.

Knowing what to measure is key to understanding diversity and inclusion. We help you collect the right data so that you can learn where to act.

  • Make sure the data you collect is what you actually need to enable evidence-based analysis
  • Allow for nuances and filtering, while still keeping your dataset manageable
  • Categorize your data in a way that uncovers common inequality patterns
Structuring company data in Equality Check by editing organisation levels and staff functions.

Organise and structure your data for deeper insights.

Inequality can be hidden through how you define organisational structures, levels and job categories.

  • Learn how to build your organisational structures to enable D&I analysis
  • Understand what equal pay for equal value means, and apply it to your report
  • Perform precise analysis while maintaining employee privacy

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Performance overview in reporting dashboard for each data category in Equality Check.

Identify areas for improvement.

To understand what your data suggests in an equality context, it must be processed using domain expertise.

  • Run your data through our purpose-built workplace equality analytics engine
  • Receive a comprehensive report highlighting your most pressing issues
  • Track your progress, using our scoring system, benchmark data and personalized feedback
Viewing suggested solutions content in Equality check.

Drive change with practical steps for improvement.

Running analysis is only part of the job. The real impact is made by the measures you implement to help close the equality gaps.

  • Access to our evidence-based solutions database, built on top of recent studies from CORE (Centre for Research on Gender Equality)
  • Connect with our domain experts for tailored advice
  • Stay up to date and inspired with our premium content, for subscribers only
Viewing customised feedback in Equality Check.

Advanced support with premium company audit.

Accelerate your improvement strategy with our premium auditing service complete by one of our experienced experts.

  • Share your data with us to receive a tailored report made by a diversity and inclusion expert
  • Get access to e-learning programs that help you train your organisation
  • Receive 1:1 support from our customer success team
Viewing options for downloading and sharing your report in Equality Check.

Create your mandatory D&I report.

For Norwegian companies, our tool is compatible with the legislation – making it easy to create the report needed to stay compliant.

  • Easy report creation, built on the same data structure you already use
  • Multiple users can collaborate on data input, to keep your numbers in one place
  • Well-designed report, ready for sharing with employees, stakeholders or the public

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