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Reviews from Norway


Norwegian companies reviewed




Male: 36%

Female: 62%

Other: 2% ¹

Sexual orientation



Heterosexual: 91%

LGBTQI+: 9% ²





Majority: 89% ³

Underrepresented: 11% ³

1) "Other" includes responders who have responded non-binary or not listed in our review form. The percentages are based on the respondents who have submitted their gender. 

2) LGBTQI+ include responders who have identified as homosexual, bisexual, queer, pansexual or asexual. The percentages are based on the respondents who have submitted their sexuality.

3) In ethnic majority in Norway we have included North American and North/West European. The percentages are based on the respondents who have submitted their ethnicity.

In Norway, the underrepresented ethnicities include: Sub-Saharan African, North African, South American, National Minority Group, Latinx/Hispanic, Pacific Islander, South or Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, South European, East European. The percentages are based on the respondents who have submitted their ethnicity.

Our most interesting findings


Ethnic underrepresented respondents are 50% more likely to say they experience insensitive jokes or comments about an ethnicity they belong to.


Women are 67% more likely to say that the workplace does not provide equal opportunities, compared to men.


Women are 67% more likely to answer that they don't see a future potential at their workplace, than men.

How do different groups experience the workplace?
Overview of how different groups experience the workplace. Overall score for all categories is 3,9. Male employees score slightly better in all categories than women.

Now what?

First of all, we want to thank all of our reviewers for helping us on our mission – to ensure equal opportunities for all employees globally. The data you have shared about your experience have been incredibly useful for us, enabling us to achieve a number of things:

Supporting the rapid rise of DEI as a topic that business leaders need to adress

Helped us build valuable insights into where the biggest challenges lie

Helped us understand how to build trust and anonymity when collecting sensitive data


In sum, your reviews have been an essential piece of the puzzle that is now our software for organisations committed to improving DEI. Or, to be a little more visionary: your contribution to our review platform will forever be an embedded part of the progression of DEI in Norway!

Although we are no longer collecting more reviews, there are still some things you can do to support our mission:

Take further action

Take action in your organisation

Tell your HR, Legal or Top Management colleagues about their DEI reporting obligations (if your company has more than 50 employees)

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View and share our popular webinar on how we measure and improve diversity beyond gender

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