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We have developed a brand new strategy tool to help you build your diversity and inclusion strategy – using our data and expertise.

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Why do our customers succeed?

Quality assured

Having an Equality Check subscription should feel like having a DEIB expert as your closest colleague.

To achieve this, we cooperate closely with authorities and reasearch communities to make sure our solutions are always up to date.



Structured approach

There are many ways to start working on DEIB, and many companies struggle to find the right way.

Our products follow a structured approach, where you always know what your next step is.

Time efficient

By automizing and optimizing everything around data harvest and processing, we free up your time to focus on analysis and how to move forward to improve.

As an example, our customers report 40% saved time on mandatory reporting.

Access to resources

Most companies don’t have a dedicated team for DEIB in their organisation.

Through content, events and community activities, we strive to make you an influential DEIB ambassador in your organisation!

We are really proud to be a trusted DEIB partner for many leading companies

Anne Therese Bogen

“Equality Check’s ARP tool saved us hours. I had the report structure already set and it was simple to create the final report.”

Anne Therese BogenHead of HR

WhyUnderline Equality Check?

Unique tools to help you measure, analyze and act based on data

All organisations are different, and can face different DEIB challenges. To get actual results, you need a clear understanding on where to put your efforts. Our advanced DEIB analytics engine utilizes different data-sets to surface your biggest opportunities.

Win the war for talent

Many companies draw a line between equality and profitability. One of the main reasons for this is talent attraction. Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) place DEIB high on the agenda, and they now make up for the majority of the global workforce. 70% of candidates want to work for an employer that is committed to improving DEIB. Workplace culture, colleagues and equal opportunity are now as important as compensation.

Move from intention to action

Our customers state that working with DEIB is easier with Equality Check, well proven by the fact that they on average have increased female representation in top management by more than 60%. Action works, and our competence, tools and resources will help you move beyond intention.

Cut reporting time in half

Mandatory reporting on DEIB is important, but producing the report itself shouldn’t take too much of your time. By cutting reporting time in half, we make it easier for you to focus on the more important target – creating a healthy workplace culture with equal opportunity for everyone.

High quality, bespoke and practical

Developed in-house: Our products are built entirely by our in-house product team. This enables tight connections between specialist advisors, designers and developers, giving us high speed and uncompromised quality.

Research based:We work closely with the research community, and have established projects and collaboration with CORE, A centre at Institute for Social Research. This helps us make sure our methods and advice is always up to date.

Contact with relevant authorities:We have a close dialogue with governing authorities in our field, to make sure that our solutions are aligned and compliant.


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