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 Identify ,  Understand  &  Act  on workplace equality.

Identify, understand & Act on workplace equality

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Why workplace  equality  is important.

Building an inclusive organisational culture for all genders is not only the right thing to do, but has been proven time and again to be the smart thing to do.

Mixed gender colleagues in an informal work setting, looking at a laptop.

It will take us


years to close the gender pay gap, at the current development speed

Why workplace  equality  is important.

Building an inclusive organisational culture for all genders is not only the right thing to do, but has been proven time and again to be the smart thing to do.

Our product empowers your workplace to identify and measure equality gaps, and presents evidence-based solutions to close them.

Entering gender representation data with Equality Check.


We support you in collecting the right data so that you can learn where to improve.

  • Collect the data you actually need to enable the right analysis

  • Organise the data to mirror how your organisation is structured

  • Categorise your data in a way that uncovers common inequality patterns

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Viewing employee retention report with Equality Check.


We turn your data into actionable insights using deep domain expertise.

  • Run your data through our D&I-specific analytics engine

  • Generate comprehensive reports highlighting your most critical issues

  • Get quantified feedback to measure you progression

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Viewing solutions framework content in Equality Check.


We connect your results to measures that have proven effect on gender equality.

  • Access our database of categorized measures for improvement

  • Connect with our domain experts for tailored advice

  • Receive inspirational content highlighting best practice

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Equality Check uses your existing  data .

We make it easy to start measuring and tracking workplace equality since our software uses existing data from your HR, salary/payroll tools.


Measure how genders are represented across your organisation, at different levels and job functions.

Employee turnover

Identify gaps in employee turnover to find structural patterns negatively impacting staff retention.

Analytics engine

Your data is processed via our purpose-built analytics engine, built for processing in a diversity and inclusion context.

The results are scored, benchmarked, and presented instantly.

Work-life balance

Understand the practical impacts on your workforce of family and care-giving responsibilities.


Measure career development and how bias impacts professional advancement in your organisation.


Measure overall pay gaps, together with granular analysis for seniority and job function.


Analyse your recruitment process and how bias is impacting how you evaluate candidates.

Our customers  act 

Discover what our customers have to say about how Equality Check helps them succeed with workplace equality.

Kathrine Moe Boye, Manager, Audit Oslo, KPMG

Kathrine from KPMG

"What Equality Check has helped us do is provide honesty to our feedback process, to track our organizational maturity level in a way we just wouldn’t have been able to do internally."

Kathrine Moe Boye

Manager - Audit Oslo Enterprise

Hedda Bakke, HR Advisor, Visma Enterprises

Hedda from Visma

"We’ve been working on gender balance for a while, but Equality Check has been a great way to put even more focus on it. Having transparent data and reports available makes it much easier to widen this focus across the wider organisation".

Hedda Bakke

HR Advisor, Visma Enterprises

Suanne Lunde, Senior Organizational Development Advisor, reMarkable

Susanne from reMarkable

“When researching new strategies previously, for much of the material I found, it was difficult to really translate it into practical frameworks and applicable tools. What Equality Check has provided me with is a way to develop specific actions and feasible measures I could put into place in our organisation.”

Susanne Lunde

Senior Organizational Development Advisor

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