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Deadline – 20.03.2023

Are you our new Lead Designer?

At Equality Check, we’re developing a tech product that helps organizations with social sustainability. Taking care of their people. Being fair and inclusive. It might sound obvious, but it actually requires targeted and long-term work. We believe the recipe for success is data and analysis - combined with the best measures.

Specifically, we are building a product for companies (also known as B2B SaaS if you want to be fancy about it). A web application that collects and processes data from HR systems, payroll systems, and employee surveys. The data is used to create unique insights into the companies' structural and cultural challenges related to diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging.

Success for us means better conditions for employees, leaders, minorities, parents, persons with disabilities, or new hires - it simply makes the workplace more socially sustainable. It is also good for business; employees who feel belonging and inclusion, utilize more of their potential and have a higher degree of loyalty.

Our goal is to deliver all of this value through our product. Therefore, half of our company consists of product people, while the other half works on marketing, sales, and advising customers on how to get the most out of our product.

So, let's talk about the product team. This is where you come in. Underline The team consists of five developers, one product manager, and one designer. In short, we are responsible for creating a product that is desirable, feasible, and viable.

Image showing product process

You have probably seen that model before or perhaps drawn it on a whiteboard once. The cool thing about our team is that all parts of the model are owned by the product team. We decide ourselves. There are no politics, anchoring processes, or requirements from above. We create, test, and adjust based on our own insights, discussions, and evaluations. At our company, everything you have learned about autonomous, cross-functional teams is true.

We are a small company, without silos and with a flat structure. That means you will get to know everyone who works here well. However, there are some people you work more closely with than others; here are some of the people who sit closest to the designer role in our day-to-day:

Iver is the CTO and the company's first employee. He therefore has an overview of everything we have done that didn't work. Just kidding, but it's a little true; we have tested a lot over the years we've been in business, and Iver has been involved in everything. He is someone you will spar with a lot and who will always ask you about something you haven't thought of. Iver is also a low-level triathlete (but we think triathletes are impressive at any level).

Therese leads our tech team and ensures the most important rituals in our team: daily stand-ups, planning, and professional sparring. When tasks are well-presented, discussed, and planned, everyone understands what needs to be done - and why. Now, it may sound like Therese only plans and defines tasks, but she also does a good deal of programming on the team.

Lars Magnus works as a CPO, and it's not as fancy as it sounds. His job is to ensure that the product follows the strategy while making adjustments every time we learn something new. And we learn all the time. Sometimes you may experience going into a meeting with Lars Magnus with one question and coming out with two. But, if you like to explore, sketch, prototype, and test - you will have a lot of fun!

Okay, enough about us. Time for the bullet points:

Who are you?

  • You are a digital designer with a few years of experience, either from a consultancy firm, in-house, or from another start-up.
  • You are proud of your profession and represent the design perspective in discussions within the team, during the acquisition of insights, and in the development of strategy
  • You are motivated by the idea of developing a product and a company that makes the world a better and more sustainable place.

Typical tasks:

  • Design and prototype new ideas (or improve existing ones) for our product - for example, concept development, user journeys, design system, and everything in between.
  • Acquire insights through user interviews or the use of analysis tools.
  • Contribute to the development of product strategy and roadmap together with both developers and product managers.

What can we offer?

  • A key role in a small, fast product team with a high degree of self-determination.
  • The opportunity to shape a product that we, our customers, and investors believe can have a significant impact on diversity, inclusion, and equality globally.
  • Good terms and the opportunity for an option program.
Finally, we know that good designers are in high demand. It's a good time for anyone involved in digital product development, after all. We just believe that you'll be even more inspired on our team. For example, on a Friday, right after the weekly demo. When you've seen the impact your ideas have had, how your team has delivered value to our customers, and ultimately how it contributes to pushing the world forward a little bit.

Want to learn more?

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